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Your Visa Credit Card with Spokane City Credit Union (SCCU) is changing in February 2023. This change only affects your Credit Card (not the Debit Card). In late February, SCCU is changing processors which will result in changes for you. The conversion will bring you a variety of new features coupled with enhanced security.

Watch the video below to learn more and keep an eye on this page for additional information as we get closer to the conversion date of February 24, 2023.

Important Information

Dear SCCU Visa Credit Card Holder:

In late February SCCU is going through a Visa Credit Card conversion.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the conversion:

1) When is the conversion (What Date?)

The conversion happens early on Sunday morning – February 26, 2023.

2) What about my current card?

Your existing Visa Credit Card will be active until midnight on Saturday – February 25, 2023.  You will be able to use it up to this date/time as normal.  Your new card will not work until you activate it sometime after 7AM on Sunday, February 26, 2023.

3) Will I get a new card?

Yes, you will get a brand new card from SCCU.  It will be mailed to your address of record between February 6 and February 17, 2023. 

4) What do I do with my new card when I get it?

Follow the “Activation Instructions” on the card.  Do not activate the card prior to Sunday, February 26, 2023.  If you attempt to activate this new card before that date, it will not work. 

5) Will my new card number be the same as my current card number?

No.  With the conversion, you will have a new card number.

6) I have automatic charges to my current SCCU Visa Credit card.  What happens with the conversion?

If you are using your SCCU Visa Credit Card to make re-occurring payments, you will need to contact the merchant/vendor to update your information with them.  Otherwise, your payments to them will not process.  Note: Your new SCCU Visa Credit Card will not be active until February 26, 2023. 

7) Where do I send my February Visa Card payment?

You can send it to SCCU or to the address on your monthly statement up to February 25, 2023.  The payment must be received by February 25, 2023, not post marked.  For payments that were sent to the old processor, it may take a few days to locate the payment and get it processed. 

8) I have an automatic transfer to make my SCCU Visa Credit Card payment, what do I do?

Nothing.  Your automatic payment will process as usual.

Note: Online access will be limited initially until the conversion has been completed.  All data prior to the conversion will be listed on your February 25th statement. Check this page regularly for updated information.

Do you have more questions? Call us at (509) 325-7228, use Live Chat on the website or email us to get your questions answered.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to bring you this program! Below are some of the most common questions about this conversion.

Will I get a brand new card number?


How will I receive my new credit card?

Your new card will be mailed to the mailing address we have on file for you. If you have moved recently or are planning to do so in December 2022 or January 2023, please contact SCCU with your new address.

Do I need to do anything to activate my new credit card?

Yes, you will receive a new card and instructions on how to activate the card in the mail in February 2023. 

How long will the new card be good for?

36 months or 3 years

Will the terms of my card change because of this conversion?

No, you will not see any changes to your account terms. Your current credit limit and interest rate will remain the same.

If I have automatic payments using my Visa for bills or subscriptions, will I need to update my account number with them?

Yes, you will need to give each merchant your new Visa account number and other data for your payment to process. If you do not update your card information with the new card information your payment will not process. 

Will the conversion change how I receive my monthly credit card statements?


Will I still be able to see my card information in

No, you will have a different site to access your credit card information. Additional information will be provided in February 2023 with instructions on the new way to get your detailed card information. 

Will my current Rewards points carry over to the new card?


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