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North Monroe Corridor Project 2018

North Monroe Corridor Project 2018

The city of Spokane has set up a website called the Monroe Project designed to connect visitors and neighbors in the North Monroe Business district. The website gives updates on construction and lets users sign up for updates through their email. Click the button below to visit the site.

Visit the Monroe Project Website


Project Number: 2015054

Monroe Street Project Road Section

The City of Spokane is working on a major project to improve safety, enhance the streetscape, and reconfigure traffic on North Monroe Street. The project, slated for construction in 2018, will improve pedestrian access and create a more cohesive business area, while continuing to support daily traffic volumes.

The North Monroe Corridor Project is about balancing a variety of needs in the corridor. The project will improve street and utility infrastructure in an integrated way that balances multiple modes of transportation with economic development, neighborhood beautification, safety, and enhanced livability.

The project includes reconfiguring the street from five traffic lanes to three lanes, accommodating wider driving lanes, enhanced on-street parking, and wider sidewalks. Other improvements include enhanced lighting, curb bump-outs at intersections that allow for shorter crossing distances, and three crosswalk flashing beacons.

Monroe Street Project Phases
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Project Overview

Project Overview

Monroe Street Project Site Plan

The North Monroe Street project will rebuild Monroe Street from Indiana Avenue to Kiernan Avenue. The project's goals are to:

  • Enhance pedestrian and vehicular safety.
  • Improve aesthetics of the corridor by enhancing streetscape elements.
  • Reconstruct the roadway surface for improved drivability.
  • Provide High Performance Transit bus stops.
  • Upgrade existing utilities as needed within the limits of the project.

In order to meet these goals, the project will:

  • Widen sidewalks, traffic lanes and parking strips.
  • Update and improve lighting for the street and sidewalk.
  • Create sidewalk bump outs at intersections to reduce crosswalk distances.
  • Construct new High Performance Transit (HPT) bus stops and establish enhanced crosswalks at Montgomery, Grace and Dalton Avenues, incorporating pedestrian activated flashing beacons.
  • Replace the water main from Indiana to Montgomery Avenue and sections of water main at most cross streets.
  • Re-size the roadway from five lanes to three in most areas (beginning at Shannon Avenue on the south end of the project) to accommodate wider sidewalks, lanes and parking}.
  • Retain two lanes of travel up hill (beginning at the bottom near Alice Avenue heading north).
  • Place a new sidewalk on the east side of Monroe Street hill.
  • Install bicycle racks and benches (where requested by property or business owners).
  • Add street trees in the proximity of Shannon Avenue to Cora Avenue (where wider sidewalks allow).

The bus stops will include amenities to support STA's HPT system. Amenities will include taller curbs and infrastructure for off-bus ticket vending machines. These amenities will eliminate the need for buses to kneel for riders with mobility challenges and support streamlined patron loading.

The project does not include any curb, island, barrier or trees in the middle of the street and does not include angled parking.

Plan for Construction

Plan for Construction

During initial design of the project the City received numerous requests from Monroe Street businesses, most of which can be summarized by the following:

  • To minimize the duration of the impact of the project in one construction season, and
  • To maintain traffic flow through the project.

The City has learned from experience on previous projects that allowing vehicle traffic within the contractor's work area greatly slows down construction production. We could not identify an option that completely supported both of these requests simultaneously. Therefore we will focus on shortening the construction time as much as possible. We plan to employ two contractors on this project working simultaneously in order to complete the job in a single construction season.

Contractors on the two projects will complete their work in stages. Each stage will be constructed in approximately four-block segments. Therefore, along Monroe Street, there will be two separate four block segments being worked on at one time by two separate contractors. In general, vehicle traffic will not be allowed along Monroe Street in the segments under construction. Provisions will be made for businesses with scheduled deliveries or specific access needs. Pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained except for a brief time when the sidewalk directly in front of a door is being worked on. This work will be coordinated during construction to minimize the impact to the business. During construction an accurate schedule will be developed--and updated as appropriate--for notification of the specific period of time that each property will be impacted. Each construction segment will have a contractor public liaison onsite and the City's Construction Relations Manager will, in addition, be available to provide assistance.

Construction will begin as weather allows in the spring, likely around the beginning of April and will be completed in the fall.

While there are some differences in the projects we encourage you to visit the recently completed Sprague Avenue project (from Helena Street to Altamont Street) to see a project with similar, but not identical, features. The Sprague Project will give you an idea of what to expect once Monroe St. is completed.


The information above is from a letter from the City of Spokane, Department of Engineering Services dated September 5th, 2017 and is provided herein for our member's benefit as this work may impact the accessibility of the credit union during the constuction period. Additional information about this project is available on the City's website at https://my.spokanecity.org/projects/north-monroe-corridor-project-2018/


Visit the Monroe Project Website