"Jack A. Lope" Contest Winners

Winners Circle

Winners Circle

Contest winners drawn at random from all entries received during the weekly contest period. Each winner will receive a Jackalope plush toy. To enter, simply click on the LIVE CHAT button below or visit the SCCU offices to submit your answer in person to the current week's question. See home page.

Week 10 - December 24-30

Question: What do you call a bunch of jackalopes stepping backwards?

Answer: A receding hare line..

Winner: none

Week 9 - December 17-23

Question: Why did the jackalope cross the road near the playground?

Answer: To get to the other slide.

Winner: Mike C. - Spokane

Week 8 - December 10-16

Question: How can you tell the age of a jackalope?

Answer: Go to his birthday party.

Winner: Tom O. - Spokane

Week 7 - December 3-9

Question: Which side of a Jackalope has the most fur?

Answer: The outside.

Winner: Denese M. - Spokane

Week 6 - November 26-December 2

Question: What is as big as a jackalope, but doesn't weigh anything?

Answer: His shadow.

Winner: Gene - Spokane

Week 5 - November 19-25

Question: How do you know when a Jackalope is about to charge?

Answer: She takes out her credit card.

Winner: Rich R. - Spokane

Week 4 - November 12-18

Question: Why don't Jackalopes get hot in the summer?

Answer: Because they have hare-conditioning .

Winner: James W. - Spokane

Week 3 - November 5-11

Question: Where do Jackalopes like to work?

Answer: IHOP Restaurants.

Winner: Merry F. - Spokane

Week 2 - October 29-November 4

Question: What airlines do Jackalopes use?

Answer: United Harelines.

Winner: Stan J. - Spokane

Week 1 - October 22-28

Question: cryptids are animals that are found only in legends. The word comes from ancient Greece, from the word krypton which means "hiding" or "to hide". How many cryptids can you name?

Best Answers: Sasquatch/Big Foot, Santa Claus, Loch Ness Monster, Mermaid, Unicorn, Tooth Fairy, Troll, Centaur, Liger, Yeti, Gargoyle, Leprachaun, "my finances"

Winner: Mike F. - Spokane